The Labour Co. is a Graaff-Reinet based operation providing service throughout Southern Africa to businesses requiring our expertise. We are committed to the provision of superior supplementary services to every sector of business, in order to safeguard for an effective and efficient best practice within your organisation.

We have a vision of employers and employees working towards the common goal of a harmonious and prosperous workplace.

The Labour Co. offers your organisation best practices in the application of all business undertakings. We provide our clients with peace of mind while our specialists provide user-friendly, legally compliant systems and procedures, whilst ensuring that your business remains manageable for you.

We at The Labour Co. work with numerous sectors of industry, ranging from hospitality operations, manufacturers, government departments and fuel retailers to mining operations, to name but a few, providing services that are beneficial for all, from entry-level to senior management level.

Recruitment made easy by The Labour Co.

We at The Labour Co. understand that it may be stressful to find the right employee to suit your business requirements and that you don't want to waste time on training the wrong individual. The Labour Co. professional team will take the stress away and find the perfect employee.


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