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Covid -19 Sanifog.

During these times of Covid-19 (C-19) Employers should be mindful and cautious of the potential impact that C-19 can have on a business and home environment, with business closures and self-isolation in the event of perceived or actual C-19 exposure being disruptive and costly.

Employers and families need to be proactive in order to ensure that staff, clients, and employees have a safe work or home environment. Active measures should not be limited to hand sanitisation, social distancing, and the wearing of masks, but be further extended to active site sanitization and ongoing protective measures.

Thermal Fogging is ideal for controlling contamination and eliminating environmental micro-organisms and bacteria. It can be used as an economical solution for treating office space, homes, warehouses, schools, day-care centres, churches, etc.

The Labour Co. in collaboration with Karoo CSS have joined forces to ensure your workplace is a safe environment. Services and staff are registered and affiliated with the South African Sanitation Accreditation Council. Further, our services are accredited for intervention as a first responder to any COVID-19 contamination. In the event of a contamination, unlike our competitors, we are aware that whilst your doors are closed you are losing valuable business and income, and we pride ourselves on prioritizing your business and sterilizing the premises within six (6) to thirty-six (36) hours, and having your doors reopened for business two (2) hours after the Thermal fogging has been undertaken.

All Decontaminating and sterilizing of premises are undertaken in strict compliance with the prescripts of the South African Sanitation Accreditation Council. With each decontamination, the premises will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance. No fuss, no mess. We guarantee that only suitable products are utilized, namely SaniGuard® a chemical proven efficient and effective against all groups of pathogens (bacteria, virus, and fungus). All tests have been certified and conducted using internationally accepted codes of laboratory practices (CLP). Sani Guard® technical active was extensively tested against a wide range of naked viruses, and is effective on naked viruses, such as Parvo-virus, Circo-viruses, Reo-viruses, Adeno-viruses and Birna-viruses, which are widely regarded as the most challenging viruses to kill.

SaniGuard® achieves a >99.999 killing efficacy within a 5-minute contact time against all viable bacteria in accordance with SANS51276:2009. SaniGuard® has also achieved a >99.9% killing efficacy against Bacillus subtilis Spores and Clostridium perfringens spores within a 60-minute contact period as prescribed by SANS13704:2002. We ensure proper treatment of the premises utilizing Thermal Fog machines or other suitable techniques.

So Why should you use The Labour Co. and Karoo CSS for your decontamination needs? We guarantee that –

1. We only utilise qualified and certified technicians as registered with the Is the South African Sanitisation Accreditation Council (SASAC).

2. We issue a certifiable Compliance Certificate once the service is concluded.

3. We utilize only products that are registered and NCRS, SABS certified – Request a copy from the service provider and also the MSDS report of the product used)

4. Only utilize chemicals tested and approved by the SASAC.

5. Guarantee that we utilize proper application methods, namely Thermal Fogging as opposed to Ultra –Low Volume misting.

For a site visit and for further information on keeping your premises protected contact us for competitive costs, services and products which will help safeguard your business, vehicles, staff, and family.

The Labour Co. and Karoo CSS strive keep your environment and business safe.


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