The Labour Co. Services

  • Human Resources and Personnel Solutions – providing clients with relevant, focused products and support, The Labour Co. can assist your organisation and staff to become a performance-based culture, motivated towards common goals, and achieving organisation priorities.

  • Your Strategic Employee Relations Partner – With the minefield of litigation and referrals to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) in the modern workplace environment, The Labour Co. will implement and grow awareness of your internal Policies, Procedures, and Applications. The Labour Company proactively seeks to creating an environment of understanding and compliance, thus lessening the referral of incidents to the disciplinary process and meeting your obligations to optimal staff performance and lessened staff turnover, reduced workplace conflict, and meeting the required legislative framework, adding value to business operations. Reputational and Risk Management control always focus and priority.

  • Your Strategic Health & Safety Partner – The Labour Co. will facilitate and Manage health and safety in your workplace. We will assist your organisation in meeting its OHS responsibilities, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace for all, promoting quality, and reducing risk in the workplace.

  • Strategic Learning and Development - As your Training Partner, The Labour Co.’s Learning and Development initiatives will support your organisation with affordable, focused and relevant interventions, culminating in relevant individuals who execute best practices into your organisation. A proactive approach to development will foster a culture of productivity and best practice procedures.

  •  Recruitment - As a prominent recruiter, The Labour Co. assists enterprises in developing and maintaining an effective workforce by recognising talented individuals who will assist your organisation to realise its goals. As a recruitment specialist, we offer you numerous unique personnel solutions geared for permanent, fixed-time, or service-provision partnerships, as well as prospective employee verification services. 

  • Payroll – The Labour Co. can offer your organisation a fully managed payroll facility for mid to corporate businesses. The Payroll function has evolved to the point where it is no longer a matter of just paying an amount into an employee’s bank account at the end of each pay period, but ensuring compliance with Sectoral Determinations, Statutes, Tax Legislation, and such. Let us assist you in ensuring that employees are paid accurately, on time every time.